1 December 2011

DIY: Christmas Bon Bon

So I have decided to make my own Christmas Bon Bons this year. Im not a massive fan of overpriced bon bons with useless plastic toys and terrible jokes, so making my own was the perfect solution. Heres how...

- Bon Bon Rolls (or you can use toilet rolls)
- Bon Bon Snaps
- Wrapping paper (make sure you use a good quality one that won't tear)
- Ribbon
- Double sided tape
- Self adhesive decoration (to decorate the outside of the bon bon)

- Chocolates
- Jokes
- Christmas Hat
(This is just what I used but you can fill them with whatver suits you)

Step 1:
Cut the wrapping paper into a rectangle big enough to wrap around the bon bon roll and as long as the bon bon snaps.

Step 2:
Stick a strip of double sided tabe to one of the long sides of the wrapping paper

Step 3:
Roll up the bon bon roll (making sure you roll straight) and stick down the long side. Tie up one end of the bon bon with the ribbon and fill with bon bon fillers.

Step 4:
Tie up the other end of the bon bon with the ribbon and add decoration to the outside. Continue until you have enough bon bons for Christmas!

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