26 May 2013

DIY: Felt iPad Case

I have been looking for an iPad case for a while and after buying too much felt for another DIY project (coming soon) I thought that I should just make one instead.

 - Felt (I used a wool blend from Spotlight))
 - Faux Leather (here)
 - Iron-on Interfacing (Lincraft)
 - Neon Zipper (here)

Step 1:
Draw around your iPad on the felt leaving about 1-2cm on each edge.

Step 2:
Cut out the felt so that you have one piece for the front and one for the back.

Step 3:
Cut out the interfacing to the same size as each of the pieces of felt. Put the interfacing on the wrong side of the felt. Pin the interfacing down so that it doesn't move when you iron it.

Step 4:
Using a hot iron, iron the interfacing with the felt side on the ironing board and a damp cloth on top of the interfacing. The extra steam helps the interfacing to adhere. Hold the iron in the one place for 15-20 seconds before moving until you have done the whole piece. Remove the damp cloth and take out the pins and go over the interfacing with the iron again.

Step 5:
Cut 2 triangles the same size out of the faux leather and place on the right side of the felt so that they will match up when sewn together.

Step 6:
Pin down the 2 edge sides and sew down the diagonal side by hand using a long stitch. I used a white thread as a feature but you could use any colour you want.

Step 7:
Place the 2 right sides with the faux leather together making sure the faux leather matches up. Pin and sew down the bottom and 2 long sides.

Step 8:
Sew the zipper into the open end, making sure the top of the zipper is on the inside to that when you turn it inside out the zipper is the right way up.

Step 9:
Trim up the edges and turn your iPad case the right way out. Iron the zipper flat being careful not to iron the faux leather.

And you're all finished! I hope you enjoy making your own iPad cases!

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