15 February 2012

DIY: Gold heels

I know spray painting heels isn't new or really that exciting, but as I have recently been cleaning out my wardrobe I thought it was time to bring new life into a few things I hardly ever wear. You can do this with any pair of shoes really, I suggest doing it on a pair you don't wear, that way if you dont like it, it's no real loss!

 - Shoes
 - Spray Paint (Depends what colour you want to use, I used Dulux Quick Dry Gold)
 - Masking Tape
 - Newspaper


1. Clean and dry your shoes so that you have a good base to work on.

2. Using the masking tape, tape up the inside of your shoe and anywhere that you don't want to be painted. I also taped up the back zipper and the sole.

3. Cover the area where you will be spraying with newspaper. I would suggest doing this outside as the fumes can be quite strong.

4. Spray the shoes making sure you get a nice even layer. I only did one coat, but if you feel like you need an other coat wait until the shoes are touch dry (approx 20min) and reapply.

5. Let the shoes dry for a couple of hours and remove the masking tape. You might want to wait 24 hours before wearing them just to make sure they are completely dry.

I will be doing another DIY on another pair of old shoes so check back soon!

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